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Esme Double Piercing Earrings - 14k Gold Filled

$87.00 AUD

Dainty pearl studs for double piercings. Buy them individually or as a pair.

- Hypoallergenic & safe for sensitive skin
- Tarnish resistant
- Handmade to order in our Sydney studio

- 14k gold fill - Tarnish resistant, safe to wear in water
Length: 2.4cm and 1.4cm
- Genuine freshwater pearls

What is gold-filled jewellery?

Higher quality than gold vermeil and gold plated jewellery, gold fill is legally required to be 5% or 1/20 pure gold by weight. The process of gold filled metals involves heat and pressure bonding layers of gold to a base metal, which is usually jeweller's brass. It has the same qualities as solid gold jewellery but at a fraction of the cost. Gold filled jewellery is also great for people who are allergic to certain metals, or have sensitive skin.

How long does gold-filled last? Does it tarnish?

Gold-filled jewellery can remain tarnish resistant and last you for many years to come with proper care. These pieces can be worn everyday and not require too much care, but we do have a few tips on things to avoid to prolong the life of your pieces. 

While gold filled jewellery is great for everyday wear, keeping it away from any harsh chemicals will help prolong its lifetime, colour and shine. Things to keep your jewellery away from include:

  • Perfumes, hairspray, skincare, lotion, hand sanitiser and sunscreen
  • We also recommend removing your jewellery before doing high impact physical exercise
  • Never subject any jewellery to the harsh chemicals found in pools, cleaning products, and some personal hygiene products. This can discolour and strip the jewellery leaving a darkened appearance. 

It isn’t the end of the world if you have accidentally done any of the above a few times as your pieces are very durable, but following these guidelines will help your pieces last longer. If it comes into contact chemicals, rinse off the pieces with water and pat dry.

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