Ayla and Oak

Caribbean Blue Calcite Points

$37.00 AUD

Caribbean Blue Calcite originating from Pakistan. Resembling sandy beaches and the ocean, the turquoise and light blue calcite has wisps of white and sandy brown aragonite throughout.

 Individual point details:

1. 10.4cm high, 2.7cm base

2. 10cm high, 2.5cm base

3. 9.9cm high, 2.7cm base

4. 9.6cm high, 2.7cm base

5. 8.5cm high, 2.6cm base 

6. 8cm high, 2.9cm base

7. 7.6 cm high, 2.7cm base

Perfect imperfections: As these are natural stones, they may have some natural blemishes which add to the stone’s unique beauty and character! 🥰



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